The Best Sex Positions For Beginners

If you’re a beginner, sex can feel overwhelming and intimidating. But with the right preparation, you can have a great first time and experience orgasms that will last.

Missionary is a classic position that can alleviate performance anxiety by allowing for eye contact and cuddling. It also allows the man to penetrate deeply, and it stimulates the clitoral hood for extra excitement.


Face-to-face sex positions are a great way to connect with your partner. They allow you to kiss and cuddle, as well as gaze into each other’s eyes. This is one of the most intimate sex positions for beginners, and it can lead to orgasm. You can also use toys in this position to spice things up. However, it’s important to communicate with your partner about the position that feels best for them and to avoid positions that can cause pain or discomfort.

The face-to-face sex position is easy to master for beginners and can provide a lot of pleasure. The person being penetrated lies flat on their back and the penetrating partner gets on top and enters. The penetrating partner can also massage the clitoris or play with the breasts in this position to add more erotic stimulation. This is a great sex position for couples who enjoy mutual penetration and love to kiss.

Another face-to-face sex position that’s good for beginners is the starfish. This position is a variation of the traditional spooning position and is an excellent choice for couples who want to increase intimacy. It’s easy to get into and doesn’t require any stretching or strength. The person on top can also straddle the other in a squatted position to give them more control and a better range of motion.

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Dragon position

There are a lot of different sex positions that can be fun and exciting for beginners to explore. However, it is important to remember that sexual exploration is a unique experience for each person, and what may be pleasurable for one person may not be pleasurable for another. This is why it is vital to communicate with your partner before attempting new positions.

One of the best sex positions for beginners is the Dragon position, which allows for deep penetration and is very satisfying. It is also an excellent position for teasing the G-spot area and sending tingling sensations throughout your body. However, it is important to note that the Dragon position is not for everyone and if you feel uncomfortable or pain, be sure to talk to your partner about it.

For those who prefer to take things slow, there is the missionary sex position. This position is easy to learn, and it’s perfect for beginners. It is also a great position for spicing up with toys.

Another great beginner sex position is the spooning position, which is also known as the lazy doggy. It is a great position for beginners, as it can be very intimate and romantic, while also being easy on the joints. It is also an excellent position for spicing up with toys and can be especially pleasurable for women who like to get their climax early.


When you’re just starting out, sex might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start off slow with simple positions that are easy to learn and can cause a lot of pleasure, like the Missionary sex position, which is ideal for newbies because it’s so comfy.

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You can also try slobing with your partner in a chair, which is great for kinkier beginners because it allows you to kiss each other and make eye contact while still being comfortable enough to enjoy your sexual encounter. You can even spice things up with toys and lubes, which can boost arousal and make the experience more exciting.

Another intimate sex position that’s great for beginners is the Giraffe position, which is a variation on the missionary sex position. In this position, the person who is giving oral sex can hold onto the chair’s arms while leaning in to explore their partner’s erogenous zones. For an even more kinkier spin, you can use restraints or blindfolds for a more intense experience.

Another great beginner sex position is spooning, which involves both partners lying on their side and cuddling. He can then penetrate her from behind, and she may need to lift one leg slightly to help him enter her vagina. This position is easy on both bodies and can trigger orgasms, especially when the man uses his hands to stimulate her clitoris.

Modified doggy

When it comes to sex, there are so many different positions you can try. Some may look a little scary at first, but they are actually very easy to do and can lead to incredible orgasms. Some of these beginner sex positions are also great for exploring power dynamics and can help you determine whether or not you prefer to be the dominant one in the relationship.

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One variation of the classic doggie-style position is called the stairway to heaven. The woman lies on the bed, as if she were crawling down the stairs, and her partner kneels behind her, straddling her legs. It can be a good choice for beginners because it provides extra penetration angles and stimulates the anal area. This position can be intensified by using a butt plug and lubrication to enhance sensations.

Another variation of doggie style is the modified doggy with a pillow. This position is easier on both partners because the penetrator can use a pillow to support their weight, which can be especially useful for those with shorter penises. This sex position can also provide extra clitoral stimulation because it opens the cleft in the anal wall.

It’s important for couples to experiment with sex positions so that they can find the ones that work best for them. It can be helpful to ask your partner what they want out of sex and what positions they find pleasurable. This will give you a better idea of what to expect in the bedroom and can make the experience more fun for both parties.

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