Best Sexual Position to Start Labor

While it hasn’t been proven that sex brings on labor, many moms-to-be report that orgasms do stimulate the cervix and can bring on contractions. That’s because human sperm contains prostaglandins, which help ripen the cervix and start labor.

But which sex position is the best to get things going? Here are six positions to try:

The doggy style with a twist

There is no evidence that any sex positions are more likely to start labor than others, but orgasms can help soften the cervix, which makes it a good idea to try all types of positions to see what you like best. Just remember to be safe and communicate openly with your partner about what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. You should also use plenty of lube.

This variation of the doggy style position is great for anyone who enjoys deep penetration. The woman lies down and the penetrating partner enters from the back with a pillow between them, creating a little bit of pressure and elevation. This position is also good for those who have a hard time with anal sex because it provides extra stimulation and gives more room for the climax.

The cowgirl position is similar to the doggy style, but it allows your partner to get closer to your nipples and is more intimate for breastfeeding moms. It’s a good option for women who are uncomfortable with deep penetration or if they have an enlarged uterus, which might make it difficult to enter the vaginal canal in a standard doggy-style position.

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This is one of the most popular sex positions for pregnant women because it’s so comfortable, and it can be done anywhere. It’s easy to transition between this position and the seated ball rock, which adds some gentle movement to the pelvic area and may also stimulate the cervix and help kick-start contractions.

The seated ball rock

The seated ball rock position can be done while laying down or sitting on the edge of the bed. It can help to stimulate the cervix and promote oxytocin release, which can trigger contractions. It can also be a comfortable position for women who are uncomfortable with deep penetration during sex at this stage in their pregnancies.

Many women search for safe and natural methods to encourage the onset of labor. However, there is no scientific evidence that sex alone can kickstart labor. Nonetheless, sex and orgasms can activate the hormones that lead to labor by stimulating the uterus and vaginal muscles.

While there are no studies that show that any particular sexual position is better than others at triggering labor, the seated ball rock position has been found to be effective for most pregnant women. This position allows for deep penetration while helping to stimulate the cervix and promote the release of oxytocin.

In addition, the seated ball rock position can be used to help increase clitoral stimulation, which is another possible cause of labor induction. However, it is important to note that sex is not recommended for women who are at risk of premature labor or those with low-lying placentas (placenta praevia). In addition, if the woman’s water has already broken, sex can increase the likelihood of infection.

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The modified missionary position

This is a variation of the standard missionary position, with one big difference: It allows you to be face-to-face with your partner. It also gives you full control of the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. This means it’s great for beginners and those with back pain in late pregnancy, as it doesn’t require any bending or twisting. It also stimulates your clitoris, which makes it a good choice for orgasm-prone expectant mothers.

Your penetrating partner will assume the classic missionary position, but you will lift your legs up to a comfortable height — either straight or bent, depending on what is most comfortable for you. This will change the angle of thrusting and allow you to experience more clitoral stimulation, which is a good thing for labor-inducing sex.

Another benefit of this position is that it allows you to kiss your partner while being penetrated, which can be a pleasurable way to deepen intimacy and create a special bond between you as you get ready for your baby’s arrival. The other big benefit is that it can also help stimulate your cervix and encourage contractions, just like the seated ball rock position.

The side-lying spoon

The spooning sex position is one of the best sex positions for pregnancy because it’s super easy to get into and offers lots of intimate body contact, especially for those nearing the end of their pregnancy. It also gives the man full access to the clit, which is important because clitoral stimulation can encourage orgasms and make it more likely that uterine contractions will start.

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It’s important to note that while some experts believe that sexual activity can stimulate the cervix and trigger contractions, the majority of research doesn’t support this claim. However, it can be a great way to increase intimacy between partners and help couples feel closer to each other.

As a bonus, the side-lying spoon position can be easily upgraded by using one of the best sex toys. The open position means it’s simple for the person behind to use a vibrator or other clitoral stimulator to tease and titillate the woman’s clitoris, increasing the likelihood of an orgasm.

Another option is the reverse cowgirl position, which is similar to traditional cowgirl but allows the woman to have more control over her penetration and increases the chances of an orgasm—and a correspondingly higher chance of uterine contractions. However, it’s important to remember that it can be unsafe for women who have a low-lying placenta or have already had vaginal bleeding.

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