Best Sex Positions After Hysterectomy

Everyone experiences sexual changes differently after a hysterectomy. Some women may experience a decrease in libido while others find pleasure in new ways. It’s important to communicate with your partner and experiment with different positions to find what feels comfortable and satisfying.

One of the best sex positions after hysterectomy is the cowgirl position. It helps to stimulate the G spot and can lead to orgasm.


The spooning sex position is ideal for a woman who had a hysterectomy because it allows the partner to penetrate from behind, rather than directly above the pelvic area. This reduces discomfort and allows the woman to control the depth of penetration. It is also a great choice if the area is tender or painful from scar tissue. This position is a little similar to doggy style, but it doesn’t allow the penis to go as deep.

It is important to wait until the incisions are healed and any discharge has stopped before resuming sexual activity, but most women report that they feel normal and even better during sex after a hysterectomy. However, the experience can vary from one woman to another, depending on the type and route of surgery, hormonal changes, psychological state pre-surgery, and other factors.

If a woman’s libido feels low after the hysterectomy, she should be open and honest with her partner about her feelings. She should also try different sex positions to discover what works best for her. She should also consider using a lubricant during intercourse to prevent friction. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant, as it doesn’t contain irritants that can damage the vulva.

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It is important to remember that a hysterectomy does not mean that intimacy is impossible. Many couples find that sex is more pleasurable after a hysterectomy. Adding sex toys or trying new positions can help to increase pleasure and communication between partners.


Women who have had a hysterectomy often report that penetrative sex doesn’t feel as pleasurable. This could be due to pain and discomfort from scar tissue or vaginal dryness. Adding extra lubrication can help alleviate these issues. Women should also experiment with different positions that give them pleasure and make them feel safe.

One of the best sex positions after a hysterectomy is woman-on-top. This position allows women to control the depth and pace of penetration. It can also be stimulating for both partners. Women can also add excitement to this position by leaning forward or backward, arching their backs, and touching slowly to build up pleasure.

Some women may experience an increase in pleasure after a hysterectomy. This can be a result of resolving a medical issue that caused pain, or because of the relief of not having to deal with menstrual cramps. Similarly, some women may begin menopause after their hysterectomy and experience decreased libido.

It’s important for couples to discuss sex after a hysterectomy and determine what positions work best for each partner. Both should be patient and empathetic as they explore intimacy after a hysterectomy. In addition to experimenting with different sexual positions, it’s also recommended to practice mindful techniques such as breathwork and visualizing positive self-talk to help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression that can interfere with climax.

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Many women are concerned about how sex will feel after they have their uterus removed. However, sex after hysterectomy does not have to be different. In fact, it is often better.

One of the best ways to improve your orgasm after a hysterectomy is to try new positions and experiment with what works for you. This will allow you to discover new pleasures and increase intimacy with your partner. It is also important to communicate with your partner about how you are feeling in the bedroom. This will help to alleviate any discomfort or pain that you may be experiencing due to the surgery.

Using lubrication is another way to make sex more comfortable. This is especially true if you have vaginal dryness or are experiencing post-hysterectomy menopausal symptoms. Fortunately, these symptoms are typically temporary and can be eased with the use of lubrication and the use of other techniques like pillow talk.

The Cowgirl position is the most popular sex position for women after a hysterectomy. This is because it allows the partners to enter and thrust from behind. It also allows the partners to take their time and explore the area without feeling pressure from the penis or having to push down on the vaginal walls too hard. It is also important to remember that it may be difficult to penetrate deeply during this position. This is because the cervix will have been repositioned during a hysterectomy, so it may be sore for a while.


While the thought of having a hysterectomy may seem like it’ll put your sex life on hold for a while, this is not necessarily the case. As long as you’re honest with your partner and are patient while your body recovers, most women report that their sex lives remain intact after a hysterectomy. If you’re experiencing pain, vaginal dryness, or loss of sensation in penetrative positions, trying out new sex positions or arousal techniques can help.

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The cowgirl is a great sex position for those who need more stimulation of the clitorial area. The top partner can bend forward slightly to allow their clitoris to rub against the penetrating partner’s pelvis. The bottom partner can also add friction with a bullet or wand vibrator to enhance the experience for both partners.

Another variation on this sex position is the butterfly. In this position, the penetrating partner lies on their back with their feet resting up against their partner’s chest and neck for more comfort. The top partner can also widen their knees for more support on the bottom’s thighs.

Of course, sex after a hysterectomy is different for everyone and it will take time to find what feels good. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your sexual pleasure and always be sure to check in with your partner during sex to see what’s working for them.

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