Best Sex Position to Conceive a Boy

One theory suggests that if you want a boy, you should have sex on the day of or just after ovulation in missionary position. It’s claimed that this allows boy sperm to get closer to the egg.

Other theories say that female orgasms make the vagina more alkaline, creating favorable conditions for Y chromosome sperm. But no evidence supports these claims.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a variation of the missionary position that has been around for centuries. It’s fun and athletic, and it allows for deep penetration so that the male partner can be closer to the woman’s cervix. It also makes it easier for the woman to reach climax after ejaculation.

It’s a great choice for couples who want to try something different in the bedroom, but it can be uncomfortable if the woman’s thighs aren’t able to hold her up for long periods of time. The man will need to do a lot of pushing to keep the woman in place, so this isn’t a position for beginners.

Another reason to try this position is that it can help boost the chances of conceiving a boy. According to Shettles, having sex in positions that allow for deep penetration will give speedy Y chromosome sperm the best chance of fertilizing the egg before it dies. This is why he recommends couples have sex during the days leading up to and after the day of ovulation.

As with any new sexual position, both partners will need to spend some time preparing themselves by doing foreplay and increasing their physical activity. And while trying a new position is exciting, it’s important to remember that sex won’t be successful or rewarding unless both partners are excited and ready for it.

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Standing Up

There’s no scientific proof that different sex positions will determine whether you have a boy or girl, but there are plenty of old wives’ tales about how to conceive. One popular theory suggests that if you have sex with your partner while standing up, it will increase the chance of conceiving a boy. This position is best for people with flexible knees.

Another theory, known as the Shettles Method, claims that if you orgasm during sex, it will help you conceive a boy. Shettles claimed that female orgasm causes an alkaline secretion to be released into the vagina, which makes male sperm more resilient and gives them a better chance of reaching the egg before it falls off.

There’s no evidence that this is true, but many couples have reported success using this technique to conceive a boy. The reverse cowgirl is a variation of the missionary entry position that’s also great for women with a tipped (aka retroverted) uterus. It’s similar to the missionary entry position, but it involves the woman sitting on her partner facing away from them. This allows the male to enter her from behind and provides a deeper entry into the cervix. However, it can put strain on the partners’ shoulders and isn’t recommended for everyone. Using it only as a last resort is ideal, especially for couples with flexibility issues.

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If you’re trying to conceive a boy, this is one of the best positions to have sex in. It’s similar to Doggy Style in that it enables deep penetration, and both positions put the sperm closer to the egg than other ones.

The theory behind this sex position is that boy sperm (sperm carrying a Y chromosome) are weaker, smaller and faster than girl sperm (sperm with an X chromosome), and so sex positions that enable deeper penetration give the faster Y sperm more chance of getting to the egg first. This makes sense if you think about it – male sperm die quicker than female sperm, so they need to get to the egg quickly in order to survive.

Another theory that sex position can affect the gender of a baby is that it depends on where sperm are deposited in the vagina. This is because sperm cells need to combine with the egg cell in order to fertilize it, and this process takes place inside the vagina.

Some people believe that the pH of the vagina changes during orgasms, and so if you’re having an orgasm in a certain position, it may create a more favorable environment for Y chromosome sperm to reach the egg. However, newer research has found that there’s no difference in sperm strength, motility and swimming patterns depending on whether you’re on the top or bottom.

Side Entry

While there is no scientific proof that sex position can influence gender, many couples still like to experiment with different positions in hopes of conceiving a boy. The key is to make sure that you are having sex close to the time of ovulation, which can be determined by tracking basal body temperature or using an ovulation kit.

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Some experts have claimed that deep penetration, such as in the doggy style position, gives the speedy Y chromosome sperm an advantage over slower X sperm in the race to reach the egg, thus increasing your chances of conceiving a baby boy. However, the vast majority of fertility specialists strongly advise against this method, as there is no evidence that it works.

A better alternative to the doggy style position is straddling, where the man lies down while the woman sits on top and straddles him. This is said to give the same deep penetration effect while also helping sperm enter more easily, particularly for women who may have a tipped (or retroverted) uterus.

If straddling is too difficult, you can try the “reverse cowgirl” position, where the woman places her legs on her partner’s shoulders. It’s a twist on missionary style, but the woman is in control throughout and the man can help guide her through the orgasm while also giving her the gravity-assistance of the missionary position.

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