The Best Position For First Time Sex

Having sex for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience. Questions and doubts about what will happen, whether it will be painful or if it’s going to be orgasmic can be overwhelming.

It is important to be able to communicate with your partner and find the right position for both of you. These five sex positions are the best for first-timers to make sure that their sex is enjoyable and feels intimate and connected.


The Missionary is a classic position that works well for many first-timers. With the woman lying on her back and the man on top, this position is easy for both partners to get into. It’s also an intimate position with plenty of eye contact and kissing opportunities. The woman can rock her pelvis to vary the depth and rhythm of penetration or open wider for deeper sensations. Just remember to use lubrication, especially on the woman’s clitoris.

Another great first-time position is the Cowgirl. This one involves the penetrated partner lying on their stomach with a pillow or two inserted under their pelvis, while the penetrating partner lies on top and enters them from behind. It’s less intense than the Missionary and allows for a more gradual approach to penetration.

Lastly, the spooning position can also be a good first-timer option. The person who is being penetrated should lie on their back with their legs spread, while the other person is on top and straddles their body. Then, they can wrap their arms around each other and lick each other’s erogenous zones.

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The idea of having sex for the first time with someone new is enough to make you nervous. It can be even more overwhelming if you have high expectations about the experience. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase the likelihood that your first time sex will be a success and avoid any pain in some cases.

If you and your partner are beginners, try a few different sexual positions to see what turns you on. This will help you find the right position for your body and your comfort level. You should also remember to communicate with your partner during intercourse. This will help you avoid any confusion or miscommunication and make the process of sex more enjoyable.

One of the best sex positions for beginners is the Fusion, which is a twist on doggy style. In this position, the woman hooks her legs on the man’s shoulders during intercourse. This allows sperm to get closer to the cervix and may help with conception. It also encourages a slower, rhythmic movement that increases pleasure for both partners.


This erotic position can be painful for some first-timers, as the hymen is broken and the woman may feel pain in her vulva. But with a little preparation and lots of quality lubrication, it can provide pleasure. The woman lies on her stomach with one or two pillows inserted under their pelvis and the penetrating partner straddles them, mimicking their position and entering from behind. This provides a deeper penetration, but with circular motions that are less stressful for the woman than fast thrusts.

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Another option is for the woman to take the lead and get on top. In this way, she can control the rhythm and depth of penetration and enjoy her partner’s clitoris foreplay without the risk of pain in her vulva or anal canal. She can also rock her pelvis back and forth or up and down to find a comfortable spot for anal insertion and vaginal entry. For added comfort, the woman on top can have her legs crossed or bend them at the knees. This provides support and makes it easier to hold on to.


If you’re a little too shy for face-to-face penetration, try this position. The partners lie side by side in a fetal position, with their heads and crotches aligned. The partner who is penetrating lies behind their partner, allowing them to enter through the back. This is an intimate and romantic position, and can be just as sexy as the Missionary.

Many women have found that this is the easiest way to orgasm, as it gives them freer access to their clitoris. They can touch it as much or as little as they like, and if they need a boost to get going, the penetrating partner can use their penis, a toy, or their fingers.

If you’re having sex for the first time, it’s important to be able to communicate throughout your experience. This will make you both feel safe and give you an opportunity to build a sexual relationship. And, even if you’re not feeling particularly sexually active, talking can still increase pleasure. Just don’t talk so much that you become distracted or lose focus.

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This position is a great option for first timers because it gives the woman control over her pace and allows her partner to enter from behind. It also makes it easy to stimulate the clitoris with fingers and play around with the breasts. Using this position will almost always guarantee an orgasm, making it one of the best sex positions for beginners.

While the first few times exploring sexual positions can be scary and intimidating, the process is a lot more fun when both partners are relaxed. Communicating openly about sexual pleasures, finding out what turns you on and your partner off, and having un-embarrassed conversations with your partner helps remove many of the anxieties that can undermine sexual arousal.

Once you have tried these five sex positions, your confidence will grow and you can progress to more elaborate positions. Remember to experiment with the power dynamics of each position – you might want to be in control, or maybe you prefer for your partner to lead the way. These power dynamics will ultimately shape your experience of sex.

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