New Sex Positions to Surprise Your Husband With

Trying new sex positions can be an exciting way to spark sexual desire and increase intimacy. But it’s important to experiment carefully and safely so that both partners are comfortable and happy throughout.

Start in the normal missionary position, then move slowly to a rocking motion. This sex position is one of the most effective ways to reach female orgasm by stimulating the G-spot.

The Butterfly Position

Sometimes your sexual routine gets a little stale and you need to spice things up. Luckily, you can try out some new positions to keep things hot in the bedroom. And the best part is, they don’t require you to be as flexible as a contortionist. The Butterfly Position, for example, is a great variation of classic missionary that’s easy for even beginners to master.

This position has the receiving partner lying back on a bed or other surface, with their butt on the edge of the surface and their feet resting on the giving partner’s shoulders in a V-shaped shape. The penetrating partner can then use their penis or dildo to penetrate the receiver’s vagina or anus.

If you’re a beginner to the Butterfly Position, try easing into it by having your man enter from behind first before you move to the front. Then, once you’re both in the front, you can move your pelvis back and forth to deepen penetration.

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Another bonus to the Butterfly Position is that it can provide your partner with clitoral stimulation. That’s a good thing, because according to research, this type of stimulation can cause more orgasms than vaginal penetration alone. Plus, it can boost libido and increase feelings of sexual pleasure. And who doesn’t want that?

The Crab Walk

Lingerie brand Ann Summers has released a saucy month-long sex challenge that invites couples to try a new position each day. The positions range from old-school classics like missionary and spooning to kinky options that are sure to please.

For this position, she climbs onto a surface (like a counter or stepladder) and he performs oral sex on her from behind. This allows her to focus on the stimulation of her clitoris without being distracted by what’s happening on the other side of her body. This is also a good time for him to use toys, such as feathers or vibrators.

The Crab Walk is a riff on the spooning sex position and isn’t for beginners. It requires a lot of core and leg strength, but it can be a great way to build intimacy with your partner. This sex position is great for couples who want to take their oral and anal play to the next level.

For this sex position, one partner lies down on the bed while the other kneels, with their hips resting right at the edge of the mattress for penetration. The penetrating partner can then move around to stimulate and caress the top partner. For added intensity, the bottom partner can straddle their penetrator, and they can hold hands together to feel each other’s touch.

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The Cowgirl

Often called the Cowgirl, Rider-on-Top or Girl on Top, this position has both partners straddling, squatting onto or lying on top of one another. It’s a simple yet spicy variation that promises more tightness and intensity – not to mention an orgasm for all involved!

“The person on top can gyrate and stimulate all different areas of their partner,” Brame says. For example, a subtle but constant gyration of the pelvis can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. Similarly, a deeper thrusting can stimulate the vagina and nipples. “It’s a good position for someone who wants to take charge of the tempo and depth of penetration,” he adds. The person on top can also use a bullet or wand vibrator to increase pleasure and friction.

It’s a good option for couples that are new to this position, since it offers a little more control over the pace and depth of penetration than the basic Missionary. It’s also a great way to show dominance in bed.

As with any sex position, it’s important to know your partner and work out the details before giving this a try. But if you’re willing to push the boundaries and go beyond the basics, you can take your intimacy to the next level and experience some of the hottest positions for couples. Just be careful not to hurt yourself or your partner!

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The Pillow Position

The Pillow Position is a fun, new way to play with oral sex, clitoral stimulation, and intimacy. Simply assume a classic doggy-style position on the couch, place a pillow against your vagina, and turn on a vibrator. Then, have your partner enter you from behind. This sexy, twisting position is the perfect way to spice up your routine and add a little eroticism to your sex life.

Another hot alternative to traditional doggy-style sex is The Counter Measure. She assumes a seated position while he straddles her, entering her from the front. This sexy variation on the classic doggy-style provides all the hot G-spot penetration of the original, while adding the intimate touch of face-to-face sex.

If you want to take this sexy position even further, have him use his hands to rub her clitoris. The arousal this will cause is sure to blow you both right out of your minds.

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