New Sex Positions to Surprise Your Girl

Sometimes routine in the bedroom can become stale. That’s why it’s important to shake things up and introduce a new thrill every now and then.

To get started, try a variation of Missionary position. From this angle, you can have direct contact with her clitoris and stimulate her G-spot.

1. Doggy Position

According to a Women’s Health poll, doggy style is men’s favorite sex position (trumping old standbys like missionary). This tried and true from-behind classic is easy to get into. Simply have the penetrating partner lie flat on their back and straddle the other person over their pelvic region. It’s perfect for vaginal sex, but it also works well for anal and cunnilingus. And it can be even more intimate when the penetrating partner wraps their arms around their partner or if both partners use mirrors to increase visual connection.

You can also add kink by bringing her legs close together, which will enhance sensation for both of you and give her a closer look at your clitoris. And to spice things up, try adding a vibrator. It will amplify the experience, and you can experiment with different speeds to see what your girl likes best. Of course, don’t forget that any new sex position requires foreplay to build up the excitement and increase her chances of getting an orgasm. Talk to your partner about their sexual desires and preferences so that both of you are comfortable with the position you choose.

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2. Ottoman Position

This sex position is great for couples who are looking to get more intimate. While this one doesn’t allow for deep penetration, it does give the woman amazing clitoral stimulation and allows him to rub her back or gently caress her neck. It’s also a perfect place for him to use toys like a feather, vibrator or even his fingers to play with her.

In this position, she kneels on all fours and he enters her from behind. This position gives him amazing access to her clitoris and breasts, and it also works well with her foreskin, which makes this a great sex position for oral sex. He can even lick her earlobes or nibble her neck to add to the sensations.

He sits in a chair or on some sex furniture and you kneel or squat in front of him, straddling his butt. You can use a pillow to help you stay comfortable in this position. Then, he lifts his legs using a couch or ottoman. As he does, you lower yourself onto him and straddle his back while lining up your bodies for penetration.

3. Wall Sit

For this position, lean your back against a wall so that it’s flat and your legs are bent almost to a right angle. This will put your knees directly above your ankles, a 90-degree angle that makes it easy for her to straddle you and penetrate you deeply, says Garrison.

The great thing about this position is that you can still maintain eye contact, and she has control over the speed and intensity as she rocking her body to climax. The only downside is that this position may be uncomfortable for those with very long legs or who are not flexible.

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From Missionary, he sits up on the edge of the bed and she wraps her legs around his hips/waist. She will then arch her hips into a low bridge position, which provides the perfect angle for penetration and is great for hitting her G-spot. This is a great new sex position to try for oral sex or can be used as a transition from other face-to-face positions, such as Cowgirl. For added intensity, she can tuck a pillow under her pelvis to make it firmer and harder for him to push.

4. Cowgirl Position

If you want to give your partner a little more control over the pace and depth of penetration, try the Cowgirl Position. This classic position involves the receptive partner straddling, squatting on top of or lying on their back as they are penetrated vaginally or anally.

The person on top can use their hands to lick the nipples and neck of their partner, or they could even put on a clitoral vibrator for extra stimulation. Then, the person on top can suck and grind their partner until they reach a point of pure pleasure.

If the person on top gets tired, they can sit up and rest on their thighs to take some pressure off their thighs. They can also widen their knees to give themselves more leverage for a deep, hard thrust. And, of course, a sex pillow or wedge can help the person on top get in the right position for comfortable insertion. This helps with the angle and can make it easier to push into the clitoral ridge for orgasm.

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5. Missionary Position

The Missionary Position is a classic sex move for partners who love to be face-to-face during penetration. While it’s often associated with straight couples, anyone can get hot in this intimate position with a few hacks.

For instance, “the bottom partner can wrap their legs around the penetrator’s waist to create more friction,” explains Searah Deysach, a sex educator and owner of feminist sex shop Early to Bed. “Or they can also cross their ankles behind their head if flexibility permits, which will heighten the arousal and increase the depth of the penetration.”

For an added boost of pleasure, the top can cuff the bottom’s wrists together for some light bondage, Deysach says. And to make the classic Missionary even more intense, the bottom can place a pillow or sex wedge under their butt for deeper penetration and a more secure hold. To reach climax, the bottom can use their fingers to gently caress their genital area and their partner’s shoulders for extra stimulation. Then, they can use their mouth to lick and kiss their partner.

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