Best Sex Positions For Seniors

Having fun in the bedroom is still possible at any age. It just takes some preparation to ensure the right position is used to avoid strain on back and joints, while giving partners thrilling clitoral stimulation.

Older women typically favor positions that offer comfort, intimacy, and minimal strain. These include the cowgirl, side-to-side, modified missionary and reclining bliss.

Sideways 69

One of the best sex positions for seniors is Sideways 69, which allows partners to enjoy oral stimulation while also reducing stress on joints. This position is great for older people with back or knee issues and can be adapted to account for body size differences.

In this position, both partners lie on their sides with their heads facing each other and cuddle close. The penetrating partner then enters the receptive partner’s clitoris from behind. This position is thrilling and provides a new angle on penetration that can open up new hot spots. If the 69 position puts too much pressure on the shoulders, try a variation known as assisted missionary where the person on bottom uses pillows to raise their pelvis higher and reduce stress.

Sofa Spooning

Sofa spooning is considered one of the best sex positions for seniors because it takes pressure off of the major joints. This position involves one partner lying down on the bed and the other straddling them. It also works well for women who have back pain or other problems with their hips.

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This position is ideal for oral stimulation and allows a woman to easily reach her partner’s clitoris or nipples for masturbation. It’s also an excellent choice for couples who want to slow down their sex game and enjoy each other’s company.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean you can’t continue your rockstar sex life. Try out some of these amazing sex positions to keep your love life burning strong into your golden years.

Doggy Style

While the missionary position still tops this age group’s list of preferred sex positions, many seniors are getting a little more adventurous. For example, some are trying out doggy style – an easy-to-master position that’s ideal for hitting the G spot.

This rear entry position combines the intimacy of the cuddle position with deep penetration. With a little added lubrication and stimulating sex toys, it can feel intensely pleasurable.

In this variation on doggy style, the bottom partner is standing while the penetrating partner enters from behind. This position is especially good for people with back pain because it doesn’t put pressure on the lower spine, hips or wrists. It’s also a great option for older partners with knee pain. For even more clitoral stimulation, try using a sex toy in this position.


Cowgirl is a great position to try during penetrative intercourse because it gives the top partner the chance to massage the G-spot. It also helps to intensify sensations for both partners and, with the help of a bullet or wand vibrator, can encourage the bottom partner to climax.

Cowboy position is also easy on the back. The person on top can support themselves by leaning their arms over their knees or using a thigh pillow for added manual stimulation.

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While missionary and doggy style are the go-to positions for seniors, they can be modified to take things up a notch. If you’re adventurous, try a more provocative cuddle position like the wheelbarrow or reverse cowgirl to boost your sexual pleasure. It can even help you reach orgasm faster!

Coital Alignment Technique

A lot of seniors have knee pain, hip pain or back pain which limits their mobility. One solution is to try the Coital Alignment Technique. In this position the bottom partner lies flat on their back and the penetrating partner positions themselves overtop of the person’s legs. This positions reduces pressure on the knees and the person who is getting penetrated can control the pace and depth of pleasure.

This is also great for women who have had a hysterectomy and are easing back into sex after clearing it with their doctor. It’s like the reverse of Missionary, and it also provides more clitoral stimulation. You can ramp up pleasure by adding a sex toy and/or using lube. This position is also good for fibromyalgia sufferers because it is low impact on the joints.

Modified Missionary

For partners who don’t have back issues, the classic missionary position is a great option. The woman lies on her back and the man rests his forearms on either side of her head for support. He can also bend his knees for added traction and comfort, stimulating the G spot.

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The modified missionary is a great alternative for anyone with hip or knee pain. Instead of lying with their legs flat like in regular missionary, the person on top places pillows below her hips to raise them into the air and thrust with their entire body.

Another great alternative is the cowgirl position, where both partners lie flat and straddle each other. This is a great position for stimulating sweet spots and climax because it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require too much movement.

Sideways Spooning

Although it’s often considered a post-coital cuddle position, White says spooning can be used to build towards climax. You can even upgrade this classic by overlapping your partner’s legs, which will heighten sensations and make the experience more intimate.

Another fun variation on this position is reverse cowgirl, which lines you up head-to-toe to orally stimulate your partner’s clitoris. This is a great option for seniors with hysterectomies and who are easing back into sex after a procedure that leaves them sensitive to friction.

This weekend, try out some of these positions for a super stimulating but laidback sexual encounter. Just remember to be careful with your body, particularly if you have back issues or chronic pains. Switch up positions and speeds as needed to avoid straining or overdoing it.

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