Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

Deep penetration during sex can deliver mind-blowing sensations and G-Spot stimulation. But you don’t have to stick to the standard doggy style or missionary sex position for these intense pleasures.

Instead, experiment with these expert-approved positions to take sex to the next level. Each has a different angle for penetrating the anal and can be modified to your liking.

1. Doggy Style

Whether you call it doggy style, rear entry, or sex from behind, this naughty sexual position is one of the best for deep penetration. In fact, in a recent survey of sex positions, doggy-style came out on top, beating old standbys like missionary. Adding to its kinky appeal, doggy-style leaves your man’s hands free so that he can stroke your breasts or rub your clitoral ridge while penetrating you – This section is provided by the portal’s editor

While doggy-style feels great on its own, don’t be afraid to explore other variations. Try, for example, a standing doggy, where the penetrating partner straddles you while they’re bent over. Or try flat doggy, which works for vaginal and anal sex.

Remember, though, that any new sex position needs to be paired with plenty of foreplay before you start thrusting. That’s how you’ll create an optimal chemistry for maximum pleasure, orgasms, and thrills. And if foreplay isn’t enough, consider introducing some sex toys to your routine. Just make sure you have a soft landing, since doing doggy-style on hard surfaces can hurt your elbows and knees.

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2. Missionary

If you want your partner to be able to focus on deep penetration while still feeling relaxed and secure, this position is a good option. It also allows for clitoral stimulation.

The penetrator lies on their back as in missionary, but then they lift up one leg and wrap it around the other to make a V shape with their body. This gives them the ability to reach for the clitoral ridge, while the other leg is supporting their lower body.

You can take this position even further by squeezing your legs together for an extra tight feel or keeping them wider apart for a gentler grinding sensation. It’s also a great position for two-way sex, because you can face each other and use your hands to caress and lick each other’s genitals.

Try incorporating a pillow underneath your butt to lift your legs higher for an even deeper sensation or to increase the angle of penetration. Remember to always communicate and listen to your partner to find the sexual positions that are most pleasurable for you both.

3. Back Stretch

This classic is a great deep penetration position for both partners. The receiver lies on their back while the penetrating partner kneels in front of them, straddling the back of their legs to lower themselves onto the penis, strap-on, or sex toy. The angle also provides good clitoral stimulation and nipple orgasms (for the receiver).

Another way to twist this position is to have the penetrating partner pull their legs up, resting them on the penetrator’s shoulders, creating an angle similar to missionary. Alternatively, the penetrator can lift their hips to create a more reclined position that still allows for deep penetration.

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Whether you’re trying this classic or twisting it, try propping your body up with pillows to add an extra element of pressure and elevation for additional sensations. And if you want a little more G-spot action, try having your partner use their hands to rub the area. You can even try a pillow made of memory foam to increase the sexy factor. It’s sure to make your night sexier than ever!

4. Kneeling Curl

Deep penetration, either vaginal or anal, is a great way to add new sensations and create stronger orgasms. While some women are uncomfortable with penetration at all, others are thrilled to feel a toy or penis graze against the sensitive spots on their vulva or clitoris. The trick is in the technique — a slow, gentle approach versus jackhammer-like pounding.

The Kneeling Curl position is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration because it doesn’t require the penetrator to bend as much. To get into this position, the partner being penetrated lies on their back and places pillows or a positioning aid under their hips to raise them. The penetrator then kneels behind them, holding the legs in front of them for support as they thrust into their partner.

If you want to take this sex position to the next level, try adding a toy like the LELO Tor 2 or Hugo prostate massager. These sex toys are both super stretchy and have multiple stimulation modes for even more pleasure. Plus, the Hugo is a great option for nipple play, which can be an orgasm in its own right!

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5. Butterfly Position

One of the best sex positions for deep penetration is the Butterfly Position, which involves a slight bit of thrusting that can get the heart rate up and the muscles pumping. For the receiving partner, it can also lead to increased G-spot stimulation and more intense orgasms. This sex position is a good option for couples who enjoy deep vaginal or anal penetration and are willing to work up to it, especially since it can be modified for different body types.

The recipient lies on their back, similar to missionary, and throws their legs over the penetrator’s shoulders. The penetrator then leans in to push their legs against the penetratee’s torso. This gives them more control and a range of sensations that can be extremely pleasurable for both partners.

This sex position can be uncomfortable for some receiving partners, especially if the penetration is intense, but this can be offset with good communication and appropriate levels of pressure and thrust. It can also be complemented by using sex pillows or other props to raise the legs or lower the pelvis.

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