Sex Moves to Try on Your Husband

Whether you’re new to the bedroom or have been together 20 years, these sex moves to try on your husband will turn you on. From riding him cowgirl style to penetrating him from behind, these kinky poses are sure to make your man swoon.

He’ll love the sexy view of your nipples in this reverse variation of the cowgirl position. This one also feels great for your clitoris.

1. Woman-on-Top

A woman-on-top position is pretty daring, but it can be a great way to build intimacy with your partner. “You are able to straddle them and control the pace, depth, and angle of penetration,” Thomas says. Plus, it’s a great position to explore oral sex—and for some women, face-to-face sex is better for climax than thrusting.

This position isn’t for beginners, and it requires a little flexibility to do—but it is a good move for women who are comfortable with being on top. “Acrobat is an amazing position that is incredibly close and leaves your breasts and clit free for stimulation,” Kgomotso adds.

It’s important to have a mix of positions in your sexual arsenal, and if you find that your husband only climaxes during missionary, it may be time to switch things up. It’s also a good idea to ask your partner what position they prefer—you might be surprised at their answer!

2. Standing Up

If you and your partner have been stuck in the same go-to sex positions, you need to start thinking outside of the box. While standing sex might be harder to get down on than getting down and dirty betwixt the sheets, it isn’t impossible and can actually give you a lot more pleasure.

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For example, a stand up missionary is a great position for both partners, especially if one is taller than the other. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the insertive partner and lean back to allow penetration while they face each other for a more intimate experience.

Another option is a spooning stand up. The receiving partner can lie on the bed with their torso propped up by one leg and the penetrating partner can bend down behind them to ensure deep thrusting for an orgasm that is out of this world.

Oral sex also works well on the standing up position. The giving partner can kneel down and perform oral sex on the receiver while they’re standing up or even in a more seated position. This is a great way to make up for height differences in the bedroom and it can give an orgasm like nothing else.

3. Spooning

Whether it’s cuddling up on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy or a sex move to spice things up, spooning is sexy. It’s intimate, offers a lot of skin contact, and leaves hands free to roam for play with toys or for clitoral stimulation. It also clenches the pubococcygeus muscle which helps with orgasm and stimulates the G spot.

If you want to switch it up a bit from the standard side-spooning, try the upside down Y version. The penetrating partner kneels on the bed and lifts their inside leg so that it’s behind their partner’s body, and then enters through the bottom of the crotch.

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This version creates different sensations and might be easier for men with a less flexible pelvis. It’s also great for women who have trouble reaching their own nipples, and it can be used with or without lube. The clenching of the p-joint muscles also causes a lot of friction against your partner’s shaft and vaginal lips, making for an even more explosive orgasm. This position works well for both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

4. Missionary

Often dismissed as the Hufflepuff of sex positions, the missionary has a lot going for it. It’s simple and intimate, allowing both partners to maintain eye contact throughout penetration and it can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. Plus, the woman can enjoy her partner’s clitoris with her fingers (a big orgasm-inducing trick).

The best part about the missionary is how easy it is to switch up, especially for sexy couples who are experienced with oral sex. Try hooking your knees over your partner’s shoulders for a new angle that increases stimulation. This is also known as the butterfly sex position and can be used for all genders.

For more clitoral stimulation, have him try the CAT position or coital alignment technique. For this twist on the missionary, have him scoot up two inches so the base of his penis or dildo is directly aligned with your clitoris (for both vaginal and anal penetration). Then, have him use a rocking movement instead of a typical in-and-out thrust to keep things feeling fresh. This position may even be more effective than missionary for arousal, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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5. Straddle

A version of missionary, the strapddle lets both partners straddle each other, ride, and glide for oral and clitoral stimulation. It also works well for P-in-V or dildo-in-V sex. The receiver straddles their partner’s legs and the penetrating partner moves down into their V or A only as deep as it feels comfortable for both.

The giver can also straddle their leg to help guide his penis or strap-on into their anal for penetration that feels smooth and satisfying. This position is a little more intimate than doggy-style and allows the partners to make eye contact for sexual intimacy that doesn’t feel rushed.

A variation on this is called “the 68.” In this, the bottom lays flat on the bed and leans back with their arms resting on their knees or thighs. The top climbs over them, creating a cradle and angle of entry that’s said to increase the likelihood of a G-spot orgasm. It can be modified even further by crossing their ankles for a nipple-stimulating sensation. Couples are going crazy for this new twist on a classic.

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