Sex Ideas to Try on Her

Even the best sex can start to feel routine if you’re not mixing things up. Try one of these sex ideas to spice up your time together.

Play some sexy games together, like Flirt Cards or Truth or Dare. Food can also be an aphrodisiac, so try out some new foods together. Chocolate and whipped cream are popular choices, but be adventurous – think out of the box!

1. Make her feel like a princess.

Often, a relationship will begin with the spark of romance and excitement. But if it’s not fueled with new experiences, the fire can quickly burn out. That’s why it’s important to try something new every once in awhile. Newness stimulates the brain and leads to increased dopamine, a natural aphrodisiac.

There are plenty of kinky ideas to try on her, but one of the most popular is playing with her hair. It’s an easy way to add some extra oomph to the intimate moment. You can pull it back in a sensual style, graze your lips against it, or use it as an excuse to kiss her neck.

Another great idea is to experiment with sex in pitch-black. This is a great option for couples that like to play with dark sexual fantasies. Whether it’s you holding her down and stroking her tits or switching roles so that she is the dominant one, this can be an intensely pleasurable experience for both of you.

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2. Make her feel like a queen.

Women love to feel like they are the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the room. It’s an essential part of their sexual fantasies and aphrodisiacs. You can make her feel this way by complimenting her on a regular basis and showing her how much you appreciate her.

For example, she’ll be turned on when you take the time to kiss and tease her in a very sensual way. You could also try tickling her in different places on her body and telling her how it feels. This is one of the best sex ideas to make her feel like a queen, because it involves her whole body.

Another thing you can do is tell her about your dreams and desires. This will show her that you are thinking about her and how much you want to take her to the next level. It will also let her know that you trust her enough to share your deepest secrets with her. This is a great aphrodisiac and it will make her feel like you are a true partner.

3. Make her feel like a princess.

Getting your girl to feel like the queen she truly is could be a huge turn on. If you have a bit of privacy (such as a private room, your backyard, or even her parents’ house), have some naked play and let her know how much she turns you on by kissing, probing, stroking, and exploring every inch of her body. She’ll be in heaven!

If you want to make this even more intense, have her lie in a prone position and then put some lube on her nipples. Using an ice cube trailed over her back can also be pretty darn hot, too.

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Another great sex idea to try is taking turns reading each other erotica. Whether you’re into erotic lesbian stories, straight stories, ethical non-monogamy, fantasy, or something else entirely, there’s so much to explore when it comes to the mind-blowing world of sexy literature. You can even turn up the volume and get a little moan-heavy for an added kinky twist.

4. Make her feel like a queen.

A girl wants to feel like a queen. That doesn’t just mean that she feels sexy and hot during sex. It means that she feels loved and respected in every way possible. She wants to feel like the most important thing in your world.

One easy way to make her feel like a queen is to compliment her all the time. She loves to hear how beautiful she is, but even more so, she likes to hear how much you love and appreciate her. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as by texting her a little note or making her soup in bed. You can also give her a big hug or let her rest on your shoulder.

In bed, you can show her that she’s your sex goddess by kissing, probing and stroking her body in fun and erotic ways. You can work up to penetration by licking, rimming or resting your thumb gently on her anus. For an extra touch of sexiness, try using a sex pillow. This will open up new angles for you to explore and, if she likes it, might even make her moan loud enough for your neighbors to file a noise complaint.

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5. Make her feel like a queen.

For a woman, feeling like the queen of her world is incredibly seductive. It makes her feel like she is the center of your universe and that you would die for her. So, to make her feel like a queen, try treating her like royalty by giving her compliments in public and showering her with praise for her talents.

This includes things as simple as complimenting her laugh or praising her skills in the kitchen. It also means letting her know you appreciate the little things about her, like her new shade of nail polish or the way she looks when she’s naked.

Another easy way to treat her like a queen is to take her on a sex bucket list. This could include things like having sex in different positions, trying a new sex toy or even taking your sex to a new location. The options are limitless, and it will allow you to customize the sex to her specific turn-ons. It’s a fun way to spice up your relationship and see what turns you both on.

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