Best Sex Positions For Girls

When it comes to sexual positions, there is a wide world of options to explore. But not all of them are created equal.

Some feel great for men, but not so much for women. So try some new ones! Here are some of the best sex positions for girls.


Face-to-Face is another one of the best sex positions for girls, and it’s a great choice if both partners are comfortable with a bit of intimacy. It’s a simple position to use, doesn’t require much physical strength or stamina, and it allows both partners to stimulate the clitoris, which can boost pleasure.

To get into this position, she’ll begin in the Missionary position, but will lift her legs so they’re parallel to the bed and wrap them around your waist or hips. Then, she’ll arch her hips into a low bridge position, meeting your penis at the perfect angle to achieve maximum penetration. If she feels like she needs more control, she can ride you by straddling your back or rocking her hips in and out of the bridge.

She can also upgrade this position by straddling you and wrapping her leg across your chest, which adds even more depth and intensity. This is a great position to pair with anal and vaginal play, too, as it provides easy access to your partner’s anus.


For girls who love clitoral stimulation (which can lead to orgasm), the doggy position is a top pick. “It’s easy to massage the clitoris with hands or even with a vibrator in this position,” sex therapist Mary Muthoni says. This position is also one of the best for G-spot stimulation, she adds.

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Another variation on doggy is standing doggy, in which the receiving partner stands and bends over a bed or other object and allows the giving partner to penetrate them from behind. This position can be a great option for girls who have trouble kneeling or need extra height, and it can also be more comfortable for partners who might be concerned about getting their thighs or crotch wet.

Try the reverse cowgirl if you’re interested in trying out the Shettles method, which suggests that laying this way can help with fertility because it helps sperm reach the cervix more quickly. As with any sex position, use plenty of lubricant to ease the transition and prevent friction.


A twist on missionary, this side-to-side position is ideal for intimate kissing and eye gazing. It also allows the girl to move up and down with her pelvis, which is great for climax.

Lie down with your back to the bed and your legs pulled in toward your chest, held out in a V shape (or whatever feels good). Have your penetrating partner lay on top of you and enter from the side with a penis or sex toy. This sexy position is a great one for beginners because it provides easy access to the clitoris, which can be massaged and stimulated with hands or a vibrator.

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As with all sexual positions, it’s important to communicate and experiment. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner to perform perfectly — what matters most is that you and your lover are happy and enjoying each other! Whether you’re new to sex or an experienced couple, incorporating some of these side sexual positions can spice up your relationship and create unforgettable sexual experiences. Remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to laugh!


If you want to spice things up, try this twist on the traditional girl-on-top position. It’s especially good for couples with similar heights, since it allows her to wrap one leg around your waist to control speed and penetration. It’s also a great workout for both of you, engaging your legs and core muscles.

This sideways missionary variation is good for girls who like doggy style because it hits all the same spots, but doesn’t put any strain on her knees or back. It’s also ideal if she’s trying to conceive, because it brings her penis closer to the cervix, which some studies suggest increases chances of conception.

This sex position is kind of like a cross between spooning and doggy style. He lies down with his legs spread, and she straddles them, wrapping her leg around his waist. It’s a great way to increase intimacy, and it also gives her a chance to stimulate her clitoris with her hands, boosting orgasms. She can also push off with her feet for an added thrill.

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Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is a penis-to-vagina sex position that may be especially arousing for girls, who tend to have more nerve endings in the G-spot than males. It also helps arouse the anal area, Brame says. “Simply sit up from Missionary with your weight on your ankles and your knees spread,” she suggests. “Then arch your hips to meet your man’s penis at the perfect angle.”

While this position can be a bit difficult for both partners, it is good for beginners because it takes some of the pressure off the partner on top by eliminating the need to keep eye contact. It also allows the woman to stroke her clitoris with her hands, which can be super-arousing, says sex and relationship expert Antonia Hall.

To try this position, have your partner lie down on their back with their legs straight out behind them, then sit straddling on top of them. Once they’re comfortable, insert their penis or a sex toy into the opening of your vagina. This is a great position to experiment with when the two of you are feeling adventurous, but be sure to take things slow in order to avoid injury.

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