The Best Places to Have Sex

Some people are really into the idea of having sex in strange places. The options are endless!

Try a darkened stairwell, or an empty movie theater that’s separated from other sections. A couch is a comfy and casual place to experiment with sex positions, too. Just remember to keep your voices down!

1. Hotel Room

Hotel rooms are a sexy, romantic and private place to have sex. Many have mood lighting, stunning views and luxurious suites that are a dream come true.

You can even find kinky hotel rooms with glass-panelled baths and sexy beds. One such hotel in Matera, Italy has a waterfall, sexy balcony and rustic fireplace. A sexy and sophisticated hotel in Pigalle, Paris is also perfect for spicing up your love life.

Some people enjoy a little privacy and some people get off on the idea of other people watching them. If you’re an exhibitionist, consider going to a play party that’s set in someone’s home or club. These parties are popular among swingers and kinksters. They’re also often found at cruises and festivals that cater to those with fetishes.

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3. Shower

The shower is an overlooked, yet surprisingly hot place to have sex. You can bang in the tub with your lover or get in and out without anyone noticing (though we don’t recommend trying to pull a “Louise” in public).

Using a handheld shower head, run water over erogenous zones such as the nipples, back of the neck, wrists, and clitoris, suggests sex therapist and LELO sex expert Casey Tanner, LCPC. You can also play a sexy playlist to heighten the mood.

Bathroom sex can be especially hot when you and your lover straddle one another with your palms pressed against the wall, bend over at a 45-degree angle, and have them enter from behind to do boob work, fingering, or hair pulling. Just make sure to use a good quality lubricant or you might slip and hurt yourself.

4. Park

Some people get a huge thrill out of having sex in unique places. There are some public places that can be the perfect setting for sex, but only if you’re careful and discreet enough to avoid getting caught.

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For example, the beach is a great place to have sex because it’s both private and beautiful. Plus, some beaches are nudist, so you can be as naughty as you want without fear of YouTube.

Another great spot is a deer stand, which is a spot where hunters wait for deer. It’s a bit risky because you can’t move very far, but it could be worth the adventure. You can also try sleeping suspended from the side of a cliff during a rock climbing trip. It’s a unique experience and one that will definitely be memorable.

6. Library

Although library sex is often portrayed in teen sex-romp movies, Carol Donnelly, a continuing lecturer at Purdue, says that it is more of a fantasy than a reality. She unofficially polled two of her PSY 120, “Elementary Psychology,” classes and found that most students don’t think that it is a good idea to have sex in the library. However, if you want to try it out, the reference section would be a great place to start.

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7. Bar

Although not traditionally a sexy location, the bar can be an awesome place to have sex. There’s something about the dark lighting that makes people feel sexy. Plus, the bar’s music can get people hot and turned on.

The hood of a car is another hot public sex spot. It’s a great way to have exciting oral sex or intercourse while driving.

There are many more sexy places to bang your sweetie. Be careful not to get caught though! Getting busted can be a huge buzzkill. And it might even ruin your relationship. So be smart and find a safe place for sex.

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