Sex Moves to Surprise Your Woman

We often focus our sex lives on the visual, but there are other ways to surprise your partner. Try adding some role play with uniforms, wigs, accents, and other novelties.

A fun oral sex move is to stroke his cock while down south. It stimulates him even more and can cause an intense rush of pleasure.

1 – These data come directly from the portal’s authors Stroke her in all the wrong places

Routine is a killer of romance, so to keep things exciting and sexy try adding some unexpected sensations into your sexual play. Stroking the wrong spots in a way that is new and unexpected will open up her erogenous zones in a whole different way, which can lead to orgasms like never before.

For example, while you are in doggy style pause to stroke her back as if she were laying down for a nap. The surprise of this touch will wake her up and create a delicious tension in both of you. This is a great precursor to the next move, which can be anything from a bite of her neck to thrusting deep inside her.

Another variation on this is to do anal sex in the chair—this will give her direct access to her clitoris and G-spot, which many people don’t feel quite yet. Make sure you are both well lubricated with a condom or other sex enhancing lube.

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2. Give her a peep show

If you want to give your woman a sexual surprise that she will never forget, try giving her a peep show. This will make her feel like a goddess, and it is sure to get your partner hot and bothered. This sex move will be especially sexy when it is done in front of the mirror.

Another fun sex surprise is to dress up and serve her dinner. Whether you dress up in an old Halloween costume or in something more kinky, this is sure to be a great way to seduce your partner.

Another way to surprise her is to try out anal. This may seem taboo, but it can be a very sexy surprise for your man. It can also be very exciting for women, as it will show them that their partner can be creative and imaginative in the bedroom. It is also a good way to keep their intimate bond strong. If you are feeling a bit bored with your sexual routine, try one of these fun surprises in sex and see how they work for you.

3. Go for a peep show

Whether it’s a peep show from a box or a peepshow on TV, it’s a sexy surprise that will get her going. This is one of the most unconventional sexual surprises, but it can be really sexy and it will definitely surprise her.

Traditionally, a peep show was a viewing room in which live performers-usually women-strip or act out scenarios for the pleasure of the viewer. Often, a glass partition separates the performers and viewers, and a slot in which a coin or bills could be placed is opened to the view of the audience.

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The voyeuristic nature of this entertainment can be traced back to children’s toys, three-dimensional art and other methods of manipulating space and perspective. Today, however, the voyeuristic elements of the peep show are much more explicit. Typically, peep shows feature either pornographic films or live sex acts that are shown in private viewing booths. A single performer is usually assigned to each booth, and the doors are locked after a certain amount of time has passed (usually 10 minutes). However, there are also ‘buddy booths’ where two visitors can sit in a private viewing cabin together.

4. Press her inner thigh

A little surprise can make sex more fun for both of you. Start off in the standard missionary position, but scoot up two inches to allow the base of your penis to touch her clitoris and rub against her G spot. This will create a lot of pressure and counterpressure, which can lead to orgasm. Wrap your legs around her thighs for stability and move in a rhythmic rocking motion.

While this move is perfect for beginners to anal sex, it also feels great for couples that are used to backdoor sex. Enter her from behind in the standard doggy position then, as she lies backward, let her pull herself up and sit down on your lap so that her legs are spread apart and you have full access to her clitoris and vagina.

It’s easy to focus on the traditional erogenous zones, but don’t forget that nipples, lips and breasts can all turn on a woman. Kiss her nipples, stroke her neck and caress her breasts and you will see her eyes light up with excitement.

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5. Go for a peep show

A peep show is a display of images, scenes, or scenarios that can be seen through holes, partitions, or magnifying glasses. Historically, these forms of entertainment offered voyeuristic erotic viewing without the risk of being discovered by others in modern times they often depict scenes that are sexually explicit for adults.

Whether it is something that you do while she is out at work, in a snatched moment between her responsibilities, or on a weekend trip, this sexy surprise will undoubtedly lead to a passionate encounter as soon as she is free from her obligations. This is one of the most unconventional sex surprises that will still surprise her and work like a charm.

Traditionally, the viewing booths in peep shows feature live action where performers (usually women) strip or act out scenarios on command for the audience. The spectators typically place coins in a slot to keep the curtain between them open and pay for the show. The term is also applied to erotic or pornographic films shown in private viewing booths. It may also refer to a set of erotic videos or movies that can be purchased through online platforms.

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