How to Sexually Please Your Man in Bed

Most guys have fantasies they would love to act out in the bedroom. Men like to know that they are desirable, and hearing you tell them this goes a long way.

Try out sex toys and explore erogenous zones together. It is a great bonding experience and can be fun in the bedroom or even in other places.

Surprise him

Changing things up and surprising your man in bed is one of the most exciting ways to sexually please him. This can be as simple as switching up sex positions, but it can also include adding different sensations. For example, you can lick or suck him and his erogenous zones (like his anus or nipples) to increase pleasure. You can also use food to arouse him—try pouring chocolate syrup or whipped cream around his anus or nipples.

Getting rough in bed is another way to surprise your man and sexually please him. It will probably make him tingle and want you more. It’s important to know his limits, but don’t be afraid to push him a little bit. Men are visual learners, so showing him what you like will be more effective than just telling him.

Try using some of his favorite sex toys and playing with them in different positions. Playing with a sex toy on your own is fun, but it can get boring after a while. Try switching it up and letting him do the same. You can even squirt whipped cream or chocolate syrup on your penis and let him lick it off—it’s extremely sexy. You can even use your mouth to arouse him—try sucking his erogenous zones and licking them, or even making kissing sounds in his ear.

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Pay attention to his body

Men are very much visual learners and they love to be able to see you responding to their sexual efforts. Telling him you like something he’s doing, or even whispering in his ear to let him know he’s making you orgasm are all very sexy things that can make him go crazy.

Surprise him with unexpected sexual activities. It can become a bit repetitive when you are in a long-term relationship and have always done things the same way, so try new things out and get him excited about what’s coming next. You can do this by surprising him outside of the bedroom too.

For example, you can take him to a sex club or even to a sexy role-play class. Getting him into a different environment will let his imagination run wild and that’s what makes him feel hot for you.

Don’t forget to play with other parts of his body too – many men don’t realize that they have erogenous zones beyond the penis. Flick your tongue across his nipples, sucking and blowing on them for added pleasure, and explore his chest and abdomen with your hands. You can also give him a back rub and squeeze his behind. You can even play with his hair and eyelids. Just remember that it’s important to always be respectful and never hurt him.


There are so many ways to please your man sexually, both in and out of bed. The key is to know his likes and dislikes so that you can give him what he wants in and out of the bedroom. This is the ultimate goal in any relationship, and sex is no exception. If you learn how to speak his language, you’ll be able to communicate your needs clearly and make him happy.

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In the bedroom, it is important to do foreplay before sex. This is a great way to waken his desire and create anticipation. Foreplay can include activities like rubbing your body up against his, touching him in places that he would enjoy being touched, and kissing him. This will make him feel so good and it will increase the pleasure you’ll get during sex.

Another way to increase your sex drive is by using sex toys. These can be as simple as putting ice cubes in your mouth, but they can also be more complicated. For example, you could try squirting whipped cream all over his penis or pouring chocolate syrup around his anus and nipples. Using these toys will be exciting and pleasurable for him.

During sex, you should communicate with him by verbally telling him what feels good. This will make him want to do the same things for you. It’s also a good idea to use your eyes during sex, as this will show him that you are captivated by him. You can even whisper in his ear that you’ve been aching for him all day or how he makes you wet.

Be faithful

If you want to please your man sexually, then you need to be faithful in and out of bed. Studies have shown that couples who stay together longer, are more happy, and enjoy sex more.

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Flirting with him outside the bedroom can be just as exciting for him as in it. Give him the eyes, lick your lips, and flutter your eyelids at him to keep that spark alive. You can also surprise him by showing off some sexy foreplay before you make love.

For example, you could lay in front of him and masturbate with your hands or knees – this is very intense for him because he gets to see the pleasure you’re giving yourself. Another way to do this is to hold him tight and rub his arms and legs. This is a big turn on for him because it makes him feel a lot of power and control.

One of the best ways to please your man in the bedroom is to learn his sexual kinks, fantasies, and fetishes. He will probably be reluctant to talk about them at first, but this is your chance to break the ice and start the conversation.

Once you have his trust, you can try different sexual positions on him or use props like the Kama Sutra to take things up a notch. You can even be adventurous and have sex outside the bedroom, like on the couch or at the kitchen table.

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