How to Show Affection Without Being Sexually Active

Many people think that physical intimacy involves sex. Movies, advertising and your friends all seem to reinforce that idea, and for some couples, sex is their main way of creating closeness and emotional intimacy.

But sex isn’t the only way to show your partner that you care. Here are some ways to build intimacy without being sexually active.

1. Make a list of things that bring the two of you emotionally close.

Like the first time you stayed up all night talking or when you got a kiss that lasted for what seemed like forever. These experiences bring you emotionally close because they build experiential intimacy.

Try to have these experiences as often as possible. Talk openly with your partner about the things that are important to you and listen intently. Reading a book together is an excellent way to bond over ideas and create intellectual intimacy. Putting down your phone during a conversation and giving your partner your undivided attention is an excellent way to show that you care about them.

2. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing together.

Many couples find that their love and intimacy can be expressed in ways other than sex. These activities are often called non-sexual intimacy or intimacy without sex.

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Reading together can be a fun and intimate activity. It also stimulates the brain and can spark conversation.

Holding hands is a simple act of affection and releases oxytocin which can have calming effects. You can even try hand-holding while doing chores or taking care of the kids.

Giving your spouse a surprise gift is an adorable way to show how much you care.

3. Take a walk.

One of the most intimate things you can do with your partner is to take a walk. Walking together can allow you to bond over shared interests, and can also be a great way to get exercise.

Lace your fingers through your partner’s and hold hands when you go for a walk. Physical touch triggers the release of oxytocin, which helps you feel closer to your partner.

You can also kiss each other on the foreheads, cheeks and shoulders to show affection without intercourse. Non-sexual intimacy can also include sitting close together, maintaining eye contact and holding hands.

5. Play a game.

Playing a game is another way to connect with your partner. You can play a board or card game, a word or puzzle game or even best each other in video games.

Try this sexy couples card game that takes regular Truth or Dare to the next level. With neutral language and non-gendered prompts, it’s a great way to have a conversation about your sexual intimacy and explore new fantasy activities.

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You can also play a question game by text or in person. Ask each other questions that require deeper thought and answers.

7. Make a meal.

Sex is great and can be intimate in its own way, but it’s not the only way to connect with your partner. Sometimes, you just need to hug each other and hold hands. This shows that you’re affectionate towards each other and that your relationship is strong.

Another simple activity to do is making a meal together. Walking into the kitchen together, helping each other out, and laughing over your cooking skills is a great way to bond and communicate in a non-sexual manner. This also gives you an opportunity to talk about your day.

8. Take a walk.

Although sex can be very romantic and create intimacy, it’s not the only way to show affection or connect with your spouse. Intimacy can also be shown through non-sexual activities like cuddling, holding hands, hugging, and kissing each other on the forehead, cheeks, or shoulders.

Another way to bond with your partner is by taking a walk together. You can even take the opportunity to talk about things that are important to both of you, such as your bucket list or personal goals for life. You can even add an erotic twist by asking questions that turn your partner on.

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9. Give each other a hug.

Many people believe that sex is the only way to share intimacy in a relationship. But that isn’t always the case. Couples can be intimate in many ways other than sex, including emotional and physical intimacy.

Try giving each other a “bear hug” – this is a type of hug where both parties have their arms around each other’s shoulders. It can be done while standing or seated, and it is a great way to show affection. It also signals that you have trust in each other.

10. Take a walk.

Taking a walk together is one of the best ways to bond with your partner. Walking side by side, talking and even haggling prices at the grocery store can help you build intimacy without sexual intercourse.

If you find that your partner does not want to have sex, it is important to respect their wishes and not try to change them. Instead, Gigi Engle, certified sex coach and sexologist, recommends asking them questions that can help you get to know them better. These include questions about their bucket list and what makes them happy.

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