How to Beg During Sex

Sometimes it can be hard to express how you feel during sex. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, but you can let them know what feels right to you.

Stimulate the clitoris and g spot.

Begging is pleading with the Dominant for pleasure or an orgasm. This can be done verbally and nonverbally. Some examples are kneeling, kissing the feet, or bowing and curtsying.


Begging is a power play technique where the submissive pleads to the Dominant to receive something they desire. This can be pleasure, an orgasm, or a particular play scene. Begging is often done verbally, though it can also be used non-verbally with a touch or a stroke. The most important thing to remember about begging is that it needs to be sincere and it must be done at the right time. If you beg for sex, but it’s not the right time, you’ll probably just make your partner uncomfortable and it won’t have the desired effect.

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Verbal begging is probably the most common way to beg during sex. It can be as simple as saying “baby, I want you,” or it can get a bit more intense with phrases like “my c-ck is on fire” or “I’m throbbing for you.” Verbal begging is very effective because it lets your Dominant know exactly what you’re feeling and that you’re really into them.

It can be hard to know what words to use when begging, so it’s important to practice before you actually do it. Practicing in front of the mirror or with friends can help you figure out what kind of phrases you might use and what face you’ll want to make. You might also want to try rubbing his c-ck or other erogenous zones as you’re talking, which can be a powerful signal that you’re in the mood for sex.

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When it comes to sex, a little bit of trash talk can go a long way. Men love to hear their name screamed by a girl they’re into, and it can really fuel arousal during oral sex or sex with their hand. You might even try running your hands over his cock or clitoris and saying things like, “I can feel it pulsing underneath my fingers” to really turn up the heat.

Other ways to beg during sex include kneeling or kissing the feet of your Dominant. These can be very intimate and humbling for the dominant, which can put them in the right mindset to give you what you need. You might also try bowing or curtsying if you’re trying to beg for something small or if you want to give a more formal request.

As with all power plays, begging can be taken too far, and it’s important to know your boundaries before you start. If you’re unsure what to do, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a mentor or coach. They can give you advice on what kind of begging to do and how to make it more effective, and they can also be there to support you when you’re struggling. They can also show you what to do when you’re in the middle of a session and need a quick reminder. It’s always better to ask for help before you get too out of control than to let your emotions run wild and end up in an unsafe situation.

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