How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You – Flirting With Her

If you want to get a girl to have sex with you, it’s important to make her feel attracted to you. You can do this by flirting with her and making her feel comfortable around you.

You can also create sexual tension by asking her questions that are a little bit spicy. This will get her thinking about sex in a different way.

1. Flirt with her

If you’re trying to rekindle the spark in your relationship or you’re meeting someone for the first time, you want to do everything you can to get her to agree to sex with you. One of the best ways to do this is by flirting with her.

Physically flirt with her by talking to her about sexually exciting things and by playing with her. Be careful not to overdo it, however, as this can come across as clingy and creepy. Instead, keep the conversation light by using playful banter and teasing her.

Also, be sure to compliment her. Girls love to hear that they’re beautiful, and it will make them feel good about themselves. Use words like stunning, gorgeous, and incredible to show her how much you appreciate her looks. In addition, flirt with her by kissing her gently on the lips and neck.

2. Make her feel comfortable

Women feel most comfortable when they know they can be themselves around you. You can make her feel that way by being respectful of her boundaries. For example, if she tells you she doesn’t like physical contact during your first date, don’t hug her on the second one. Respecting her boundaries is an important step in getting her to want sex with you.

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Another way to make her feel comfortable is by reassuring her that she’s attractive in your eyes. Most women have insecurities about their body, which can make it difficult for them to get aroused. For instance, some women have trouble feeling confident about their genitalia because they worry that it’s too large or too small.

Also, women tend to feel more comfortable with men who are protective of them. For example, you can give her hugs, kisses, caresses, and love taps to let her know that you’re by her side.

3. Ask her if she wants to have sex with you

Getting a girl to want sex with you can be hard. You have to be careful not to push too hard, or you could turn her off instead of turning her on. The best way to find out if she wants sex with you is to ask her directly. This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on how you feel about her.

One way to ask her is to tell her how attractive she looks. This will make her feel desirable and turn her on. You can also tell her about your naughty fantasies about her. This will give her a taste of what it would be like to have sex with you.

Another way to ask her is to ask her what her favorite part of the body is. This will prompt her to talk about her fantasies about the different parts of the body, which will help to turn her on.

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4. Ask her if she’s ready to have sex with you

A woman needs to feel that she can depend on you before she feels comfortable sleeping with you. Otherwise, she may fear that you’ll disappear or leave her for someone else just as quickly as you came in. To prove that you can be a dependable person, don’t go hours or even days without returning her phone calls or text messages.

You also need to set the mood for sex before you ask her to have it with you. This means getting her alone and having a conversation that starts off casual but gradually turns into something hornier as the topic of sex comes up.

In the conversation, you can drop hints that you want to have sex with her by making innocent-sounding comments and sexual innuendos. But don’t go overboard and veer into dirty talk that will make her uncomfortable. This will only make her lose interest in you.

5. Make her feel attracted to you

Having her feel attracted to you is an important part of getting her to sleep with you. She needs to be able to trust you and feel that you understand her in a way that she can’t explain. This is why it’s so important to compliment her, make her laugh and show your confidence.

Another way to make her feel attracted to you is to touch her gently. This can be as simple as putting your hand on her shoulder or gently stroking her back. It’s a great way to show her that you’re interested in her and can be sexually exciting for her as well. If you’re going to make her feel attracted to you, it’s also a good idea to listen for her secrets and talk about things that are personal with her. This will show her that you’re a trustworthy person who is not afraid to share your feelings with her.

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6. Touch her

When a girl feels sexually attracted to you, she will become wet between the legs for you. She will also change her behavior, conversation style and attitude. This is the perfect time to initiate touch with her. This could be as simple as giving her a high five or shaking her hand on the introduction, but it needs to be physical.

If you want to be extra sexy, run your fingers down her neck or shoulder. You can also graze your lips against hers and whisper in her ear (whispering is very sexy). This will trigger the release of Oxytocin in her body, which makes her wet between the legs and sexually aroused.

Another sexy way to touch her is by running your hands up and down her thigh. This will feel like a gentle massage and make her feel horny and seductive. You can also run your fingers across the back of her knees.

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