How to Be on Top During Sex

If you aren’t comfortable with being on top during sex, that is totally fine. Sex should be about pleasure for both partners and it is important to find a position that makes you happy.

Try a few things like slowing down the pace, exploring different movements and angles or even using Kegels to change up your sensations.


Getting used to the idea of being on top can be uncomfortable at first, but sex experts say there are plenty of positions that can make it more comfortable and pleasurable for both partners. It just takes some practice and learning what movements work best for you.

One example is the Amazon position. He lies down on his back with his knees bent toward his chest, and she straddles the back of his legs or thighs. She can then bounce up and down. This can feel really exciting, but it’s also important to remember that the pressure on his penis and crotch should be controlled so that it doesn’t hurt.

Some women prefer to get turned on for sex while in this position, and this can add a lot of excitement for both partners. Others might want to wait until the moment feels right.

Another option is to get into a squatting position and hold on to the person on top’s hands or waist for support while bouncing up and down. You can also try grinding your hips together. A man might even find it more stimulating to feel the movement of your body against his. These moves can help both partners get into the right rhythm, and a good rhythm is what creates great sex. It might take some trial and error to find the right movements for you, but it’s worth it in the end.

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Moving during sex is a turn on for most people, but if you’re stuck in a pattern of holding very still or doing the same movements each time, you can miss out. You don’t want to scare your partner off by over-doing it, but you also need to push yourself to move in ways that can make sex more exciting, fun and orgasmic.

One simple movement that will help stimulate your clitoris and G-spot is to tilt your back in a slight angle. Do this in a slow and controlled way to learn how to angle it just right, which will make it easier for your partner to stimulate you.

Another movement that is a great core workout is to make circular movements with your pelvis. Try going slowly at first, feeling each part of the circle, and then move faster to shake things up. This is a great way to get your hips and thighs ready for better hip thrusts, which will lead to more orgasms.

Lastly, a simple trick to loosen up your neck and jaw muscles during sex is to open your mouth wide. A big smile will also open your pelvic floor muscles and release tension in the muscles that connect them, so you can let go of tightness and relax into the moment.

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If you want to feel the most powerful during sex on top, try using leverage. “Squeeze and release your pelvic muscles when you thrust to create a pulsating sensation that adds an extra layer of pleasure,” Xanet Pailet, sex and intimacy coach tells Elite Daily. She also says to try bouncing up and down on your partner to enhance the feeling of being on top and to encourage them to follow suit.

Another way to make it feel more intense is to lock eyes with your partner while you are on top, she says. “This builds trust, increases connection and can be a huge turn on for both of you.”

As you move around while on top, make sure to use different angles and techniques for penetration as well. You can face each other for vaginal and anal penetration or spoon your genitals together to increase the pressure. You can even experiment with hooking your leg around theirs to provide support and give them a hardcore thrill.

The most important thing to remember is to stay focused on the sensations and what feels good to you. It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of being on top and put pressure on yourself, but if you aren’t comfortable with it, don’t force it. There are plenty of other ways to have sex that are just as intense and satisfying.


When it comes to girl-on-top sex positions, most people think of the cowgirl position and assume that you need to be good at riding your partner to do it correctly. However, this is a common misconception, and one that isn’t true at all.

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When trying girl-on-top sex positions, focus on connecting and doing what feels good to you. Then, take things to the next level by experimenting with movement and angles. Try adding forearm support to your body or grabbing onto his rib cage to add more stability. You can also use a pillow to elevate the person on bottom’s hips, which allows for deeper penetration and more arousal.

Many of these girl-on-top sex positions allow for clitoral stimulation and access to the anus and vagina. The 69 position, for example, lines up both partners’ mouths so that they can kiss and grind together. The cowgirl position, meanwhile, is ideal for oral sex and can be enhanced by using lubricant.

The most important thing to remember is that there are no wrong moves when it comes to sex on top. So don’t worry about what you might look like from the other person’s perspective and focus on your pleasure and your partner’s satisfaction. Plus, don’t forget that guys love to see their partners orgasming. So if you’re really into girl-on-top sex, don’t be afraid to flash some skin and let the orgasms roll in.

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