What Is Considered a Thick Penis?

Penis size is a sensitive topic. Men often feel insecure about their size and may seek enlargement solutions.

Length and girth are the two factors that are typically measured to determine a man’s penis size. Penis girth can be measured both in the flaccid and erect state – The concept of this section comes from the portal’s editorial team Erotic Ecstasy.

Regardless of size, it’s important to remember that pleasure for the receiver is a shared experience. Having a thick penis can increase the sensations of penetration and make for more pleasurable anal sex.


A thick penis is typically a little longer than the average length. However, the exact length varies from person to person as well as depending on the location. In terms of size, a penis is considered to be thick if it measures more than 5 inches in circumference when erect. This measurement is taken from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans, and it excludes any length provided by foreskin.

Men with a longer than average penis might be self-conscious or worried about how their partners will react to it in the bedroom. The good news is that most sex partners are not likely to notice this difference, and it is even more unlikely for them to be turned off by it.

In fact, some sex experts believe that men with long, thick penises have an advantage when it comes to sex. For example, these men may be able to engage in certain positions that other men can’t, and they might have greater sexual pleasure as a result.

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On the other hand, some men may find that their thick penis is uncomfortable or difficult to maneuver. This can be especially true for men who wear pants that expose the outline of their penis, such as jeans or tailored pants. This discomfort might lead to sexual tension or frustration in the bedroom.


While penis length is often the subject of locker room jokes and debates on the Internet, girth is arguably more important to men. While some women may prefer a long, thin member, most claim that a thicker penis is more pleasurable. This is likely due to the fact that a thicker member creates more friction and stimulation in the frontal area of the vagina, which causes more pleasure for both partners during sex.

Penis girth is measured around the base or middle of the shaft, and should be tightly compressed before measurement to get an accurate picture. A few points of caution: Foreskin should not be included in the girth measurement, and a full-grown man’s penis can vary from day to day.

The average girth of a man’s penis is about 5.3 inches, though it’s important to note that this number refers to circumference, not diameter. It’s also worth noting that a person’s penis may feel different one day than the next, depending on diet, health, and other factors.

While a thicker penis can definitely enhance pleasure in the bedroom, it’s essential for couples to use plenty of lubrication to ensure pain-free sex. It’s also vital that partners discuss sexual preferences and boundaries prior to sex. And finally, people with a thicker penis should be sure to seek medical attention if they experience a painful erection or any other problems related to their members.

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Having a thick penis can have many sexual advantages, and can be very pleasurable for both partners. When used in the proper manner, thicker penises can stimulate all the nerve endings found at the entrance of the vagina, making penetration extremely pleasurable. In addition, a thick penis generates more friction during penetration than a thinner one, which can also increase the pleasure of the clitoris.

Many men feel anxious about their girth, and worry that they are not satisfying their sexual partner. This can lead to a desire for enlargement, which is not always necessary. While the size of the penis is important, there are other factors that can influence sexual satisfaction, such as technique and communication. In general, it is best to focus on enjoyment and on building a trusting relationship.

Some people have a naturally thin penis, which may seem small in comparison to others. This is usually due to the amount of fat that covers it. In this case, removing the excess fat can reveal the normal penis length and thickness. For some people, the girth of the penis is also too large for their scrotum to accommodate it, which can cause discomfort during sex. In this situation, it is helpful to practice foreplay with the partner and try out different positions. The use of lubrication can also make it more comfortable to perform sex.


When a man has a thick penis, it can create pain during sex. This is usually due to a lack of lubrication or an incorrect technique when penetrating. This can be avoided by using an appropriate amount of lubricant and by slowing down the rate of penetration.

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Men with thick penises also need to make sure they use a condom that fits properly. Most men with thick penises will need to use an XL size. Some men may find that a condom with a wider base is more comfortable because it doesn’t squeeze as tightly on the base of the penis.

Thick penis can actually be a sexual advantage, especially for men who feel self-conscious about their size. It can lead to confidence in the bedroom and allow men to perform positions that other men are unable to do. However, men with thick penises should not rely on their size for pleasure and should make sure they communicate with their partners about what makes them happy during sex.

Overall, a thick penis can lead to more sexual pleasure for both partners. The key is to take the time to learn how to sex in a way that is safe for both partners and avoid pain. Then, it is important to focus on other factors that contribute to pleasure such as technique, communication, and emotional connection.

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