Why is My Penis Skinny? Non-Surgical Ways to Increase Girth

Men worry about having skinny penises and wonder what they can do to increase their girth. There are a few non-surgical options available to them, including the use of penis pumps that fill with air and temporarily increase length and girth.

All penises are different sizes and shapes, and a man’s girth does not impact his sexual performance. But what does impact performance is how firm the erection is.


Many guys are worried that their penises are too skinny. It is important to realize that penises come in a wide range of sizes. Most penises are a lot thicker during an erection than they are when flaccid. It is also important to note that the girth of a penis depends on genes, not lifestyle.

In some cases, a penis appears thin due to the build-up of scar tissue in the tunica albuginea called fibrosis. This causes a loss of elasticity that results in thinning and may lead to Peyronie’s Disease. Fibrosis can be a result of trauma and microtrauma or it can occur spontaneously. It is more common to find fibrosis at the tip or base of the penis, but it can appear anywhere along the length.

Another cause of thin penis is hormonal changes that affect sex hormone production. This can be caused by congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) or Kallmann syndrome (where one of the X chromosomes is missing) – This section is the result of the service team’s efforts tubeallsex.com. Hormonal changes in puberty can also impact penis size.

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Lastly, thin penis can be a result of aging. This can cause a loss of hardness and a change in sex drive. There are a number of ways to improve sexual health with aging, including extended foreplay and exploring erogenous zones. There are also medical procedures that can enlarge the penis, such as fat injections or biodegradable frames.


Many people are concerned about the size of their penis. However, penis size may have little to do with erectile function and it is not indicative of masculinity. A number of medical conditions can cause the penis to shrink, such as urological problems like hypospadias and epispadias and certain hormone disorders.

A small penis can also be the result of a psychological disorder, such as low self-esteem or stress. Medications used to treat these conditions can often make the penis look smaller, particularly if taken regularly. Other causes of a skinny penis include Peyronie’s disease, which develops fibrous plaques in the glans and causes the erection to become stiff and painful.

Grooming techniques and lifestyle changes can often help to increase the appearance of a thin penis. Trimming pubic hair, maintaining a healthy weight and engaging in regular exercise are all positive steps that can enhance the appearance of a skinny penis.

There are some medical procedures that can also be used to make the penis appear larger, such as dermal filler injections, although these are more controversial. The procedure involves injecting a gel-like substance into the glans and shaft of the penis. This is a popular treatment for the face, lips and other body parts, but it can be dangerous if not performed by an experienced doctor.

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Lifestyle changes

Men often feel insecure about a skinny penis. They may believe their penis is not’manly’ or that they can’t please their partners. This leads to feelings of inadequacy and self-consciousness that can affect the quality of their personal relationships. Men also turn to pills, tools and products that claim to enlarge the penis. However, these are rarely effective and can cause a host of side effects.

If you are worried about the size of your penis, try making some simple lifestyle changes to see if they help. Incorporating a diet high in Omega 3 and Vitamin C, leafy greens and berries can improve erectile function. Losing weight can also make the penis look bigger, as it removes the excess fat that covers them. In addition, it is important to talk to your doctor about medications you are taking and check whether they could be reducing the size of your penis.

Regardless of the size of your penis, it is important to remember that sex is more about pleasure for both you and your partner than the actual girth of your penis. You should also remember that there is no ‘normal’ penis size and that all penises come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Some are thin, others are long and some have a curve. Unless it is causing pain or discomfort, a skinny penis should not be a concern for most people.

Surgical options

For men with skinny penises, there are surgical procedures that can give the appearance of a longer penis. These include ventral phalloplasty, dorsal phalloplasty and panniculectomy. These aren’t suitable for all men, as they have potential side effects including infection and decreased blood flow. They also tend to have less lasting results than natural methods of increasing girth.

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However, the good news is that a small penis does not have to lead to decreased self-esteem or sexual satisfaction. Research suggests that partners do not care about penile girth and that a man’s own satisfaction with his body is what matters most.

Another option is to practice Kegel exercises, which can help delay ejaculation and increase length and sensation during sex. This involves squeezing and holding your pelvic floor muscles, which are the same ones you activate when you go to the toilet.

A penis implant is another way to increase girth and can be an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease. However, it’s quite expensive and is only available from a few doctors who are trained to perform the procedure. Dermal filler injections are less invasive and cost-effective, but they may leave your penis looking abnormal if you use too much. Talk to your healthcare provider for advice before you proceed with this. In the meantime, try to focus on your penis’ function rather than its size.

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