Where to Measure Penis From

Most men have measured their penises at one point or another to see how they stack up against their friends’. But measuring incorrectly can skew results.

The best way to measure your penis is with a flexible tape measure or ruler. Be sure to use it when the penis is fully erect and take several measurements for accuracy.


Men often feel insecure about their penis size and worry that they don’t have the same girth as their friends. Unfortunately, the penis is difficult to see from afar, making it hard for most men to determine their actual size on their own. They often end up measuring their own penis incorrectly.

Moreover, the majority of studies on penile length and circumference have used measurements made while the penis is flaccid rather than when it’s erect. This is due to the difficulty of obtaining a large enough sample of erect penis to make accurate comparisons, as well as the inability to accurately measure the penis while it’s erect using a standard tape measure.

Most men use a ruler or tape measure and start at the very tip of their penis head. They then stretch the tape up past any layer of fat and down to the pubic bone, noting their length measurement. They repeat the process several times for an average measurement.

However, the best way to measure your penis is with a flexible tape measure around the shaft while it’s erect. This will provide a more accurate reading of your true penis length than simply stretching your flaccid penis up to the pubic bone. This method also allows you to take a girth measurement of your erect penis and compare it to the average circumference of an erect penis.

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While measuring your girth may feel like a bit of a rite of passage for some men or a fun way to kill time on a rainy day, it’s important to know how to do it correctly. Using the wrong measurement can cause falsely positive test results in sexual health tests. It can also lead to inaccurate condom sizes, which can cause the device to slip or tear during use, posing a significant risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The best way to measure girth is to get a soft tape measure or piece of string that doesn’t stretch (which can give a slanted reading). Wrap the string or tape around the thickest part of your erect penis, which is normally in the middle or slightly below the head of the glans. Then, measure the length of the string or tape by marking where it meets, and note that number.

If you’re not comfortable with a tape measure, you can also use a ruler to get the same measurement. Just ensure you’re in a private, clean space and have an erection. While it’s tempting to rely on the old wives’ tale that bigger shoe sizes mean big dicks or that taller people have larger penises, these factors have no correlation to a person’s penis size.

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The width of a man’s penis is the distance between the base and tip. To determine this, make sure your penis is erect and place the end of a ruler or tape measure against the base. Then, extend the measuring tool up over the top side until it reaches the tip. This is the standard method used for measuring penis length, as it has a clear stopping point (the pubic bone) and prevents results from being skewed by the presence of any pubic hair or excess fat.

The size of a man’s penis is a common topic of discussion and can have a big impact on sexual health. Men who are concerned about the size of their penis can consult with a urologist or other healthcare professional for a standardized measurement.

Whether it’s out of vanity or curiosity, many men find themselves whipping out a ruler or tape measure to take their own penis measurements at some point in their lives. And while most men do this without much thought, there’s a chance that they’re not measuring their penises correctly. This can lead to inaccurate measurements, which may have an effect on sexual satisfaction and the ability to maintain an erection. In addition, a wrong measurement could have serious medical implications for conditions like Peyronie’s disease and premature ejaculation.


Men are often interested in knowing how their penis compare to the rest of their peer group. There are also times when health care professionals may need to take measurements for a variety of reasons, such as Peyronie’s disease or premature ejaculation. In both cases, it’s important to understand how to correctly measure a man’s dick, so results are accurate and useful.

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The most straightforward measurement to take is length – the distance from the base of the head down to the pubic bone. Place the end of a flexible tape measure at the head of the penis and gently extend it down to the base of the shaft, pushing past any hair or fat that might be in the way. Stop measuring at the tip of the pubic bone and note your measurement. This is the length of your erect penis.

Another common measurement is girth, which is the circumference of the shaft. This can be measured with a flexible tape measure or a piece of string. It’s important to get the most accurate measurement possible by ensuring the penis is erect and that the tape is positioned in the thickest part of the shaft.

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