A Guy Who Wants Sex But Not a Relationship

A guy who just wants sex will probably never want to meet your friends or family. This is another clear sign that he doesn’t see you as a potential part of his future.

It’s fine if your relationship progresses slowly, but it’s not okay if you only meet up to have sex. This article will help you decipher the signs that he just wants sex.

1. He’s Not Interested in You

If he wants to keep your connection carnal only he is not interested in you on a deeper level. He might compliment your new haircut or tell you he thinks you’re doing an amazing job on your school project but if that’s all he ever talks about with you it’s clear he isn’t interested in developing your relationship further than a physical one.

Another big warning sign is that he doesn’t pay attention to your body language. If he doesn’t try to touch you or hug you when he sees you it’s obvious that he isn’t interested in you as more than a sexual object. He also might have dismissive body language and not look you in the eye when you talk.

A guy who is really interested in you will also be a lot more likely to introduce you to his friends and family. He will want to share his life with you and include you in his social circle. If he is not doing this and instead keeps you away from his friends and family it’s probably because he only wants sex with you.

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If he wants to keep your relationship carnal only it’s not a good idea to push him on this because you will never be able to convince him to change his mind. However, if you are not sure where he stands on this issue it’s a good idea to ask him about it in a nonsexual setting.

2. He’s Waiting for the Right Time

He may just be waiting for the right time to settle down and start a family. It’s possible that he really likes you as a person and could see a future with you in other areas than just the bedroom. He enjoys your conversations, your wit, and the way you make him laugh. But he just doesn’t see a romantic relationship as a possibility at this point.

He might still want casual sex, but he wants to keep it on a more discreet level. He’ll probably text you more often than he talks to you on the phone and will talk about work or other stuff that isn’t intimate. He’ll also want to meet your friends and family so that he can get to know you on a deeper level. A guy who only wants sex won’t do this and will most likely keep your hangouts private.

The next time he hangs out with you, pay attention to how long he hangs around after the hookup. If he mentions work or other reasons that he has to leave early, then it’s a sign that he is just interested in casual sex. He might even start flirting with other women and trying to keep them attracted to him. He just isn’t ready to commit, so he’s stringing you along.

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3. He’s Not Ready for a Relationship

When a man says that he wants sex but not a relationship, it’s not because he’s scared of commitment. He’s just not ready to be in one, and that’s okay. Everyone moves at their own pace, but if you’re just meeting up for sex and nothing else, it might be time to move on.

He might dodge questions about what you want in a relationship or talk about how much he loves the single life. He might even mention that he’s been burned in the past by being in a committed relationship. This is called breadcrumbing and it’s a sign that he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

A committed relationship requires a lot of work, including making compromises. A guy who doesn’t want to make a commitment is probably not mature enough for one, and he probably won’t change until he decides that he is ready for it. It’s not fair to string you along if he’s not ready for a relationship, and you need to give him space if he makes it clear that he isn’t. The old saying goes that a watched kettle never boils, and it’s true for relationships as well. If you keep chasing after him, he’ll just run faster and stay away longer.

4. He’s Only After Sex

If he only talks about sex and nothing else, it’s a clear sign that he’s not interested in a relationship. A guy who really wants a relationship with you will want to know you on a deeper level and be excited to introduce you to his friends and family.

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He might also complain about other women he’s sleeping with and not be willing to talk about his past relationships. He might only call you to ask how your day is going or what you’re doing. Those are fine things to do, but he should also be calling you just to say “I love you” or to tell you he misses you.

Another big indicator that he only wants sex is when he doesn’t spend much time with you outside of sex. He might be willing to hang out at night in a bar or other sexually-oriented locations, but he won’t make plans with you during the day and will avoid meeting your friends for lunch or a movie.

He might make compliments about your looks, but it feels like they’re just that – compliments. If he was genuinely interested in you, he’d be talking about your personality and how great it is to spend time with you outside of the bedroom. He’ll also linger on the foreplay a little longer and would be more into you than just your physical appearance.

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