Best Sex Toys For Lesbians

If you’re new to pegging or a seasoned sex-toy aficionado, there are plenty of toys designed for lesbian clitoral stimulation. From wand vibrators to dildos and strap-on harnesses, this guide has all the lesbian-friendly vibes you need.

This little bullet vibe is simple, discreet, and oh so satisfying. Use it to tease labia or in a cock ring on a dildo to give your partner a powerful orgasm.

1. Sharevibe

While there are plenty of vibrators for solo pleasure and heterosexual couples, there aren’t as many toys made specifically for lesbians. Fortunately, Fun Factory makes one of our favorites, the Sharevibe double dildo. This harness-free strap-on has two ends — one for the wearer and one for the receiver — that offer sensations akin to oral sex. The toy is body-friendly and made from smooth silicone that’s easy to clean.

The toy has a slot for a bullet vibrator, which offers multiple modes and intensities for shared pleasure. The wearer grips the shorter end, while the partner inserts the curved end into the anal for clitoral stimulation and anal play. The curved end also has a tapered tip for anal penetration, making the toy ideal for couples who enjoy anal play or clitoral stimulation.

The strap-on can be used with or without a harness, but it’s more stable when worn with one. It’s a little heavy, so unless you have super strong pelvic floor muscles or you keep your thighs tight together, it can slip out during intercourse. It helps if you use it with a lubricant as well, since the silicone is very matte and doesn’t glide easily against the skin. A harness will also protect you from the toy slipping out during clitoral stimulation, too.

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2. Puff

Whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or queer, sex toys are great for exploring the clitoral and anal zones. And luckily, lots of new innovations are designed with lesbians and other people who have vulvas in mind. From strap-ons to double-ended dildos, these toys make it easier for vulva owners to deliver pleasure in ways that are comfortable and safe, especially for couples who might be uncomfortable with penetrative sex.

The Puff is a hands-free innovation that tucks right under your labia, and it’s got enough tension to stay put during play. It delivers irresistible vibrations to your clitoris, vaginal opening, and the g-spot—which is where orgasms often originate in lesbian sex. It’s super easy to use, too: just press the button on top for a range of pleasure settings that you can customize.

The Puff also works well for solo adventures, and it’s a great toy for partners who want to experiment with anal play or clit stimulation. Plus, it’s easy to wash afterward with a little warm water, and the company offers an excellent warranty in case something goes wrong. Just remember to always practice sex toy safety, which means using barrier protection methods (like condoms and dental dams), washing the toy before and after every use, and never touching your vulva with any object other than a toy.

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3. RodeoH

It’s no secret that lesbians have a powerful sexual energy that could probably shake the sun to its core. When that energy is harnessed and channeled through wand vibrators, dildos, or any other cool vibe toy it’s quite the experience.

The brief harness from RodeoH is a great option for anyone looking for an easy way to connect with a partner through internal stimulation. It’s essentially boxer briefs with a flexible o-ring for dildos sewn in the front, so they slip on just like underwear. It’s simple to use, looks and feels great, and makes getting intimate feel natural and un-intrusive.

Unlike strap-on harnesses, these briefs are made of cotton and are machine washable for ultimate comfort. They fit a bit snugly to support the weight of the dildo and provide stability so they won’t slide off or get uncomfortable while wearing them. They also feature a ring to hold the shaft in place, so it’s easier to slide larger diameter dildos through. To make it even easier, you can put a small amount of water-based lube on your toy before slipping it into the o-ring to reduce friction and make it go further.

For a little extra fun, pair your harness with this smaller curved suction cup number from Lovehoney. It’s a good beginner’s dildo that’s shaped to hit both G-spots and is USB rechargeable.

4. Feedloe

It can be a challenge to narrow down your options when shopping for lesbian sex toys, but it’s worth it to put in the time to find a vibe that fits you and your partner well. Whether you’re looking for an erogenous core, something to stimulate the anal area or an object that’s fun to bring into one of the best oral sex positions, the right lesbian vibrator can enhance every sexual encounter.

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Unlike other wand-style vibes, the Love Not War Laska doesn’t ask you to choose between hitting your G-spot or stimulating your clit. The discreet vibrator is rechargeable and offers a streamlined, intuitive interface that delivers the vibrations you crave without any extra complication.

Another option for those who want a simple, customizable experience is Thruster’s Build Your Own Dildo kit. This kit allows you to select the head, handle and texture that best match your preferences, as well as a base that fits a wide range of dildo sizes. You can even add fun add-ons like a shower suction cup or a partner-play handle, so you can take your play to new heights. The harness also looks and feels like a pair of briefs, making it easy to slip on and hide away until it’s time for action. The simple O-ring design is perfect for use with most dildos and can even be worn over a bra.

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